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Shop Stoves     *All of our stoves, with the exception of the tri-drum, are typically 16" in diameter, per barrel, anything larger than this is                                                                             usually by request if we have it in stock

The Half-Barrel stove

The Half-Barrel is the smallest of the shop stoves we offer. Made of either a 16" or 18" tank, they average about two feet in length. Don't let their small size fool you though. These small stoves can really put out the heat.

The rough dimensions are approximately 29" high X 16" wide X 22" deep. Dimensions do not account for air inlet handle and stove pipe collar.

The Full-Barrel Stove

The Full-Barrel stove is the up size from the Half Barrel. It's greater size allows for greater heat exchange. Fully firebricked if you choose, the Full Barrel stove is our most popular model. The rough dimensions of this stove are 27" High X 16" Wide X 40" Deep. Dimensions do not account for air inlet handle and stove pipe collar.

The Double Full-Barrel Stove

The large Double Barrel stove is our second most popular shop stove model. Several design enhancements make this a heating machine. For starters there is a secondary heat exchanger drum on top of the firebox. This allows for more heat to be captured and radiated into the room instead of up the chimney. Secondly, a through-pipe addition is popular to allow for air to be blown through the upper drum. Larger size does mean a few trade offs in room and piping design. In order to maximize the flow of hot smoke and gasses the pipe collar is normally further out from the wall than the other models. Call for further details and we would be happy to work through some of the inherent issues with this model. Dimensions for this model are 46" High X 16" Wide X 40" Deep.

The Double Half-Barrel Stove

New for 2013 the Double Half-Barrel is a more compact version of its full size big brother. In response to multiple requests I have created this version. It still has the normal heat exchanger drum, and is able to have the same alterations such as heat exchanger tubes installed, but within a much smaller footprint.  Dimensions for this model are 46" High X 16" Wide X 22" Deep. Dimensions do not account for air inlet handle or stove pipe collar.

The Tri-Drum Stove

The largest stove in the inventory, the monster Tri-Drum is a heating machine. With a design credit to davisfarmlives, what the Tri-drum lacks in beauty she makes up for in pure heating power. Manufactured from three 55 gallon drums and fire bricked the Tri-drum will heat quickly and effectively. In fact this is the current model I am using personally in my shop. The approx. dimensions are 70" High X 24" Wide X 55" Deep.

The Upright stove

Nicknamed the "Rocket" by my boys, this stove is also new for 2013. Designed where space is a premium, the Upright stove is specially designed for corners or smaller areas where heat is needed but space is a concern.  The double door design allows for the fire to be started in the lower area of the stove, then firewood is fed into the top door to continue the burn. The lower door also allows for easy removal of ashes. The rough measurements are 56" High X 24" Wide (at the legs) X 24" Deep.

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