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Custom Stove Additions Continued

Haven't found what you are looking for exactly? Or perhaps you have found something you like and it just needs a few "tweaks" to make it something you LOVE! Below you can find several different options for the stoves we offer. Many can be substituted for a small charge. If, after looking through these upgrades, you havent' found what you are looking for just ask...many of these custom touches were due to requests of customers for changes to my original designs. Chances are I can custom fabricate your designs into reality as well.

Custom Addition: Drying Racks


We've been doing a lot of market research with our stoves and have listened to the feedback from our awesome clientele, and the word is out: racks to put your soaked socks and clothes are now a standard option on all of our barrel stoves

Custom Addition: Neo-Ceramic Fire Glass


This addition has been more of a "secret menu" type item until recently, since the price of glass is ultimately based on the amount of square inches, but we've decided to set the bar at one price no matter what! It's a real eye pleaser and gives you instant satisfaction being able to see your fire on-demand.

Custom Addition: Clean out


It is a fact that over time, specifically in the double barrel models in the upper drums, some creosote will build up. A clean out can be installed into the upper drum to access this and allow for its removal. These can be added to upper drums with and without a heat exchanger tube

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