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Grills and Smokers


These grills and smokers represent the summer like no other. All of these models feature repurposed drums and tanks for the main chambers. Most have storage and prep racks as well as creature comforts such as tool hooks, cup holders, solid casters, large solid cooking racks, and hi-temp grill paint. In addition the mesh rack can be substituted with diamond plate, cooking racks can be changed so they slide in and out, warming racks can be short it's "Your grill" and you should be able to have it "Your way."


The "Tennessee" Traveler grill.

This little grill is remade out of a small, grill size propane cylinder. It features a light weight body yet durable steel construction. This is not your "average hibachi" grill. This little grill is big enough to cook for two, yet light enough to take anywhere you may go. And if the single side isn't enough cooking space, the lid doubles as a second grill. Simply place the included stand under it, loosen the keeper chain, and place the second grill surface inside it. Bingo! a double grill. It also features leveling feet for those uneven surfaces. All parts store inside the grill for ease of use.

The "Kentucky" barrel grill.

Kentuckians are passionate about their grilling. This grill represents the best in simple, easy to use, barrel grilling. Each has a separate rack for hot coals, a main cooking area, and an upper warming rack. Large prep racks allow for easy use whether you are left or right handed. No more fumbling for the sauce when you are looking to slather your ribs. With the onboard cup holder and bottle opener your beverage of choice is always within easy reach. Mesh or diamond plate sides are available.

The "Carolina" vertical drum smoker.

The Carolinas (both North and South) are experts at smoking foods. From savory pulled pork to baby back ribs they have smoker usage down to a science. Don't let this barrel fool you. It is an excellent smoker and similar designs are found at all major grill-offs nation wide. This model features easy to control air inlets, three cooking racks, a charcoal and smoke wood basket, lowering hook, and for the first time in our history a variable color scheme. This one was done in green and black and she smokes as good as she looks. And when you are done you simply shut down the exhaust ports on the lids with the plugs provided, close the inlets, and use the remainder of your charcoal another day. Heavy duty casters make it easy to move and clean up is a breeze with a garden hose.

The "Alabama" Tailgater.

If you know any of the good folks from Alabama, then chances are you know someone who loves a good tailgate party. This grill is for them. The main grill support mounts into the receiver hitch of a truck (or SUV, Car, etc.) I designed it so that it would fit any vehicle so for higher hitches the drop rail is used in the down position while for lower rigs you simply un-pin it and flip it over. Extendable outriggers on the sides give added support on uneven ground. This model shows the available diamond plate option that can be added.

The "Georgia" offset smoker.

The residents of the good state of Georgia know their smokers. This particular design known as the offset is a favorite there. The design allows for true indirect smoking and cooking. While the offset smoker takes a bit of practice to get used to, the results can be truly amazing. This offset is created by the use of a hot water heater tank and a propane cylinder. Heat is drafted from the side chamber around and through the cooking chamber. Heavy duty racks allow for prep and food space when using the smoker. Underneath storage is also a plus on this model.

The "Big Tex" trailer grill.

There's a saying that "Everything's bigger in Texas." This grill truly lives up to that reputation. A full double barrel grill that is trailer mounted and ready to feed the big gatherings. Just unhook it, drop the leveling legs, add your charcoal, and you are off. The Big Tex is complete with DOT rated trailer and grill assembled ready to go out the door. Sliding racks make it a breeze to reach food in the back. A spacious back rack makes a great place for condiments, paper plates, and other essentials for the crowd. Pull in with this grill attached and the party's on for sure. Texas style!

The Summertime Pack.

The summertime pack gives you the essentials to get your grilling started off right. Included are a easy to read instant read meat thermometer (a vital tool for ensuring food doneness and safety), a full set of grilling tools, a chimney style charcoal lighter made of re-purposed coffee cans (no more lighter fluid taste), and a camp chair so you can relax and enjoy your time at your grill or smoker.

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