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The Nitty Gritties

  • All stove orders require a minimum of 50% up front before work begins.

  • If a stove is chosen for delivery then the delivery fee will be paid no later than the day prior to the agreed delivery date, we can't drive without gas money!

  • All prices subject to 6% Idaho sales tax when applicable.


We strive to offer the best products we can, but due to the nature of our business and the size that we are, we cannot offer refunds once construction has begun on your stove. A full refund of whatever amount was deposited may be issued withing 3 days of being paid. We will however make things right to the best of our abilities and can fix most problems quickly if there are issues.

Custom Stoves and Additions

We love new ideas and opportunities to grow as a business, so we welcome any and all ideas and we'll work with you to come up with a stove that'll suit you. When you ask for custom additions or ideas, shop rate is charged at $50/h, plus extra material costs for the time outside of what it would normally take. For example: You ask for an extra two tubes in the top barrel, in addition to what one is normally ($100), but it would take an extra 2 hours plus the cost of the new tubes to complete your request, so it would be the original addition plus the custom rate and materials. $100+$100+materials. The base  model of the stove will remain the same price. A bid amount will be offered before construction begins so that there are no surprises to anyone in the end.

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