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Custom Stove Additions

Haven't found what you are looking for exactly? Or perhaps you have found something you like and it just needs a few "tweaks" to make it something you LOVE! Below you can find several different options for the stoves we offer. Many can be substituted for a small charge. If, after looking through these upgrades, you havent' found what you are looking for just ask...many of these custom touches were due to requests of customers for changes to my original designs. Chances are I can custom fabricate your designs into reality as well.

Custom Addition: High Legs


The legs on these stoves are increased in length to raise the body of the stove between 6-8 inches. This allows for easier loading and less bending. High legs increase the height of the stove to between 34-40 inches depending on the length of the legs.  The photos shown are of the high legs option added to one of the Peterson Camp Stoves.

NOTE: This option is NOT recommended for the double barrel models due to their higher center of gravity. Also not available on the Tri-Drum model.

Custom Addition: Heat Exchanger Tube(s) in upper barrel


This addition allows for a center tube or tubes to be welded into the upper drum of the double barrel stoves. This gives them the appearance of a doughnut and provides a means of air exchange. A fan (customer provided) is placed behind the tube and warmed air is then circulated through the upper drum out of the tube(s).

Custom Addition: Flat top (surface mount)


This addition allows for a flat top to be welded onto the front top of the stove in front of the stove pipe collar. The surface mount, while perhaps not as clean with regard to the overall stove lines, allows for much more surface area for cooking, heating water, etc.

Custom Addition: Flat top (inset)


This addition places a flat top on the stove, but the metal is completely inset into the barrel. This allows for no over-hanging edges, but does cut back on the amount of usable flat surface on the stove-top. This is an excellent option for those who just want to have a "kettle going" during the time the stove is in operation.

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