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About us

Why "Second Round Wood Stoves"?

     When searching for an appropriate name for this business, I tried to come up with something that tied into my recycled materials concept. The term "Second Round" to me fits perfectly. The materials in my stoves, in many cases, have been thrown away, are of no use to most, and never thought of again. When I re-purpose them, it's like a prize fighter heading back out into the ring. They are heading back out for a second round.

     My family and I thank you for your support of our endeavors. While I'm not much of a " Granola Guy" and I wear work boots instead of Birkenstocks, I do think each of us should do something to help leave this world a better place for those who to follow. Thank you for doing your part!

Blaine, Owner, Fabricator, Designer

Blaine is one half of the ownership team of Second Round Wood Stoves. Originally from Wyoming, He left this rugged state in the 90's to serve in the U.S. Army. Following almost 10 years in the service to our country, he began his primary career in the fire service in Northern Virginia. A professional Fire Fighter and EMT since 1997, he has served multiple jurisdictions from major metropolitan areas to small towns. He is currently serving with the Coeur d' Alene Fire Department in Coeur d' Alene, ID.

He began his secondary career in home remodeling and repair in 1985 and, following more than 20 years in the trade, decided to chart a new course in metal working. While taking a load of material to be recycled one day at his local landfill, he noticed the metal area had multiple hot water heaters and large metal drums. This started him thinking of ways these could be re-used instead of buried. The idea for converting them into wood burning stoves came to him that evening.

Several years of design, use, and planning have gone into the stoves. Two goals have been at the forefront of each re-purpose as much of the  materials in the stove construction as possible, and to make each model a long lasting, durable heating source. It is his hope that you will consider wood heat as a renewable energy source, and that when you choose a Second Round Wood Stove, you will be happy with the heating results for years to come.

Jo Ann, Owner, Business Manager

Behind every successful business is someone to keep the books and keep it running smoothly. If Blaine is the creative and industrial side of Second Round Wood Stoves, then Jo Ann is the logical, behind the scenes, orderly half that keeps the train on the rails.

Born in Houston, TX, and raised in the small town or Rathdrum, ID, Jo Ann was instilled with traditional values, a no-nonsense attitude, and a penchant for helping those in need. Her work ethic is tough and fast-paced. This serves her well in her many roles she fills at her work in a local hospital Emergency Room.

She is a Wife, Daughter, and Mother to three amazing sons as well as a step-son, a step-daughter, and numerous other "kids" who seem to show up around meal times.

It has been said that "Behind every successful man is a successful woman." This couldn't be more true in the the case of Second Round Wood Stoves. Quite simply if it weren't for her and her business savvy...there  wouldn't be a business at all.

Blaine, Company Operations,Welder, Fabricator
Justin, Welder, Fabricator

Blaine is my son and has grown up working with wood and metal. He is a professional welder in his own right, and although young, lays in a great weld. With a background in both structural steel construction as well as light steel, it can be said that the student has now become the teacher. Blaine is currently the operations head for the company and sees to all day to day operations. He is the one you will most likely be dealing with when you make your orders.

Justin started as a tear down guy and has improved his skills to the level of welder/fabricator. He has been a mainstay of the shop for over 5 years now and makes a great stove and grill.

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