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The Peterson Line of Outdoor and Camping Stoves

These stoves, named in honor of Wyoming Outdoorsman Vance Peterson, reflect some of the many loves of the man. A devoted family man, coach, mentor, and friend to all, Vance's true love was being outdoors, in all seasons, enjoying all that nature had to offer. Hunting, fishing, camping...He loved it all. It seemed only fitting then, to me, that I name this line after him and use it to help support the fight against the disease that took him from us all too soon. He and I grew up together and were generally "thick as thieves". More friend than cousin, my life, and those of many, many others, just isn't the same without him in it. Vance lost his battle with cancer, but the overall fight is far from over. To this end, in his name, a portion of the sale of each of these stoves will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

The "Ice Fisherman" model


Fabricated out of small, used army ammo cans, this stove is designed for a single man ice shelter, hut, or tent. Whether spending the day fishing out on the ice, or simply trying to keep warm in small quarters this stove balances heating with portability. Small enough to fit into a pack its ease of use and durability make it a great stove for day trips and other cold weather excursions. It also doubles as a small grill with the interior grate placed in the upper position. Fuel is a snap as well since it is the perfect size to burn small pieces of wood and sticks.

The "Pronghorn" stove


Nimble and quick to get going, the Pronghorn stove is re-purposed out of old, unusable, propane cylinders. Detachable legs with leveling feet make this the  stove to sit for a while and heat your surroundings. Designed for a small 2-4 man enclosure and utilizing standard 3" pipe, this stove is durable and portable. It will accommodate 4" logs and with its flat top surface it is perfect for getting a pot of coffee going in the morning or a hot cup of soup later in the day.

The "Deer Camp" stove


Converted out of a large army ammo can, this is the smallest of the two self-contained, all inclusive stoves. The stove kit includes an amazing 8' of stove pipe complete with spark bonnet and adapters, slide on stove top, screw in legs, and fire grate. Small enough to be packed in by 4-wheeler or on horseback, this stove is designed for small to medium shelters. All items store inside the stove for easy transport, and set up takes less than 5 minutes.

The "Elk Camp" stove


Designed for the extended stay, the Elk Camp stove is the most popular of the camping stoves I offer. Using design elements from several different sources, and incorporating the best things from these other designs, this stove should be a reliable, warm workhorse for years to come. Manufactured out of a hot water heater tank, this stove offers on-board stove pipe storage, removable side drying racks, detachable pinned legs, adjustable feet, and a full flat top cooking surface. All items tuck away in the stove for easy storage and portability, and with the full size door larger logs can be used to keep your stove going all night long. This stove is designed for medium to larger tents.

The "Big Alaska" model cookstove


Like the state from which it takes its name, this stove is big. Big in size, yes, but still able to be transported to your large camp. This stove is a serious cooking stove. Built like the old wood cook stoves your grandparents used, this stove features a complete cook top, a working oven, dual side racks, and a rear utensil rack. With pinned, adjustable legs and adjustable feet, this stove is designed to keep your kitchen tent warm, your camp cook happy, and your menu varied. All legs and racks store inside the firebox as well so while I recommend a two-man lift on this stove, it is still portable to your camp site. It's also a great option for your cabin!

The "Sierra Madre" portable fire pit


These rugged mountains on the border between Wyoming and Colorado are hailed as one of "Wyoming's best kept secrets". They were also Vance's home range. Smaller than the Rockies and Tetons, but no less beautiful or impressive, these are mountains worth the visit. Like the Sierra Madre, this fire pit is smaller than it's bigger stove "cousins" but is still impressive in its own right. Detachable legs make for a large fire pit that doesn't need a large amount of storage space. Re-purposed out of the end of a hot water heater tank, these pits are durable, sturdy, and allow you to have your fire without many of the hassles of "on ground" pits. When you are done you simply empty it out, un-pin the legs, reverse them, and you are off. Great for the RV, ATV, or the weekend out this fire pit will give many years of reliable service. With the optional grate, the pit doubles as a grill making it a great addition to any family's camping supplies.

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